Sales Sweet Spot

Anyone that has ever played baseball with a wooden bat knows the difference when you hit the ball with the sweet spot of the bat versus off the end or handle. The sting from a mishit can bother you for innings afterwards. However, when you hit the ball with the sweet spot, it sounds different, you barely feel it in your hands and the ball travels much further and faster. It truly is a sweet feeling when you connect just right. 

The same is true for sales. When you propose the right service at the right time to the right customer, everything is easier and more fun. That simply is the Sales Sweet Spot. 

Selling in the sweet spot will dramatically increase your sales team’s close rate, production crew’s efficiency and overall profitability. So how do you determine what your sweet spot is? 

First you must look at what your company excels at. Every tree care company has a specialty service or unique advantage within the marketplace. Unfortunately, when it is not identified, a tree care company will perform all kinds of jobs that typically lead to longer work days and more frustrations all while incurring more risk to the company. 

To begin to identify your specialty service, you must look at each service individually and ask yourself, is this a strength of our company? If not, what do you need to do to make it a strength? Those answers will quickly tell you if this service is one that you should focus on as your specialty service.

The next step is to identify your ideal customer. This article will help you determine who your ideal customer is. Remember to connect your business’ culture and values to your ideal customer. People like to do business with people they like as well as your employees would rather work for people that fit the culture and values of your company than for someone who doesn’t. 

Finally, create a list of services that your ideal customer will prioritize. Clearly, where this list of services overlaps your specialty service is your sweet spot. 

To further explain the sweet spot, let’s look at ArboRisk. Our specialty service is to help great tree care companies become extraordinary tree care companies through proper risk management. We accomplish this by helping our clients do everything they can to prevent an incident from occurring and making sure they have the proper insurance coverage in case the unforeseen does happen. 

Our ideal customer is a professional tree care company who understands that they are in control of what happens to their business and is dedicated to getting every employee home safe each night. 

When we are working within our sweet spot, our clients are able to make substantial improvements to their already great business because of our industry expertise. We have seen tremendous growth and reduced incidents for our sweet spot clients.  

“Do what you love and love what you do” – Ray Bradbury

Working within the Sales Sweet Spot sets your company up for just that. Enjoying each day, by working on the jobs you love with the type of customers you love. 

To develop or strengthen your Sales Sweet Spot, enroll in ArboRisk’s Sales and Marketing Package to work one-on-one with our industry experts.

Written by: Eric Petersen