Client Success Stories

You’re in good company

ArboRisk is trusted by top tree care companies across the nation to help get their employees home safe each night and have a job waiting for them in the morning. Learn how working with ArboRisk has impacted these successful businesses.

Capital City Tree Experts

Madison, Wisconsin
28 employees

Capital City Tree Experts joined ArboRisk in 2013, a few days after a serious accident happened on one of their job sites. Owners Will and Darrell wanted to make sure that there would not be another injury like they just had. They worked diligently with the ArboRisk team to build a true culture of safety and improve in all aspects of their business operations and haven’t looked back. Their team has grown from 7 employees to 28 since the accident and in April of 2018, they achieved TCIA’s Accreditation, becoming the first Accredited company in their county. Watch the video to hear from them how ArboRisk helped transform their company.

Hoppe Tree Service

Wauwatosa, Wisconsin
70 employees

Hoppe Tree Service is a third generation tree care company that has seen tremendous growth over the last decade. They started working with ArboRisk in 2007 when they had 8 employees. Now they employ more than five times that amount and include separate divisions for their plant health care, urban wood utilization and wood products operations. Owners, August and Fred, have strategically utilized the ArboRisk team and resources to become one of the premier tree care companies in the nation.

Client Testimonials

Arbor Art Tree Care

Nashville, TN

“It is my pleasure to recommend ArboRisk to other industry professionals. Our first experience with ArboRisk was through an educational course with Thrive. Their presentation of information was astute and helpful, showing us a group of experienced professionals who offered specific tips and advice on how best to improve our company. Every now and then it is important to take a look at what has become habit and find ways to elevate the day-to-day routine. That educational course provided the segue we needed to call on ArboRisk in a greater way. Since we entrusted our insurance needs to the ArboRisk team, they’ve walked with us through each challenge we’ve faced with an attitude of grace and intelligence, drawing from their experiential knowledge of not only the insurance business, but the tree care industry as a whole. That is, in my opinion, one of their greatest advantages over other insurance providers. Not many out there understand the gritty details of such a complicated and dangerous industry. Combined with their approachable, friendly, knowledgeable staff, I can’t imagine a better choice than ArboRisk.”

Colonial Tree Service

Menomonee Falls, WI

“ArboRisk has been a great partnership for our local, growing company. The professionals at ArboRisk Insurance are easy to work with and show genuine care for you as their client. They work diligently to ensure you have comprehensive, competitive insurance coverage, and beyond that offer exclusive benefits and consulting through their THRIVE program.

In our first year of THRIVE, we gained many valuable insights to improve our business internally and personalized support to put those plans into practice.

If you are searching for a trustworthy insurance agency and consultants with extensive, relevant experience in the tree care industry, do not hesitate to partner with ArboRisk Insurance and be sure to join their robust THRIVE program to take your business to the next level.”

Snell Tree Experts

Tim “Bo” Snell – Owner
Fuquay-Varina, NC

As the owner of Snell Tree Experts LLC, rated in the “Top 20 Accredited Tree Care Companies of 2022” in the November 2022 issue of TCI Magazine, I am someone who values excellence in communication and adherence to professional ethics. From the time of my first interaction with Eric Petersen and Mick and Ryan, the other team members of ArboRisk Insurance with whom I have regular contact, I was impressed by their passion, their professionalism, and their desire to provide excellent service. One of the primary reasons I left my previous business insurance agency was that I could not get my agent to talk with me by telephone when I had nuanced questions that I needed answering quickly. My experience with Eric, Mick, and Ryan has been one in which they are more than happy to answer questions by telephone, as well as via email. The team at ArboRisk makes clear through their actions that they WANT us to succeed and be better than we were yesterday, and they provide feedback in a constructive way that helps us to achieve our goal of improvement in safety and professionalism. I rarely give out glowing reviews, but the team at ArboRisk has earned my confidence, and I look forward to a continued professional relationship with them in the years to come.”

Wachtel Tree Science & Service

Ron G. – President
Merton, WI

Wachtel Tree Science had been a TCIA Accredited company for over 12 years before working with ArboRisk.  Since beginning to work with Eric and his team, our business has been able to grow by nearly 50%.  We have streamlined our risk management practices with their help and positioned ourselves for growth in the future all while having the proper insurance protection in place. ArboRisk is an invaluable part of our team that we rely on to keep us moving forward as a company.

Dependable Tree Service

Chris B. – Owner
Markleville, IN

“I had seen and was aware of their company previously through our annual TCIA trade shows but never really pursued any conversation with them at those times. Dependable Tree Service, Inc. has been in business for 36+ years now and has had much experience over the years with all different Insurance companies and agents, and I say that to say this:

ArboRisk’s desire to focus solely upon the Tree Care industry and realize the reality of our exposure to potential claims grasped my attention. This was an experience that I had never had with past agents. Along with their knowledge of our industry they also have great (in-house tools and training) available to our company to improve and perfect on site job safety, as well as administrative help on filing pertinent documents, and many other topics. One thing that Eric does very frequently is posting these short video’s on Facebook that can be helpful, and just things to think about. We have since partnered up with ArboRisk, and thus far have bad a great experience with the team at ArboRisk. Response time with COI’s have been spot on for our clients, and we feel confident they will meet all our expectations.”

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