Coverage as Unique as Your Tree Care Company


Any tree service can get a tree on the ground, but the way they do it and the additional value they provide to their customer is what makes the difference.  

The same methodology applies to ArboRisk.  At ArboRisk, we have the experience, industry experts, and resources to ensure our clients get so much more than just an insurance policy.

Why You Need ArboRisk

lower insurance costs

We know how to reduce insurance costs for tree care companies. Many times that means we will help you implement the missing items within your current risk management practices to eliminate injuries and accidents.


proven method

By working with hundreds of tree services across the nation, we’ve learned a better way to protect our clients than just through insurance policies. We understand the intricacies of the tree care industry and how to improve your business from the inside.

Trusted Advisor

Insurance agents get paid commission on the insurance products that you buy, so the higher the cost of your insurance, the more money they make. We believe in the long-term value of our clients and work with you to improve or implement the controls that will lower your overall risk and your insurance cost.

Industry Expertise

If you needed heart surgery, you wouldn’t go to your general family doctor, you’d find the best heart surgeon you could. We are the tree care industry’s top heart surgeon.

How We Help Lower Your Insurance Costs

Insurance companies need to make a profit and therefore only want to write insurance for businesses that have a reduced chance of claims. We understand how to prevent injuries and accidents in the tree care world and know how to relay what you’re doing to the insurance companies. It’s only when the insurance company believes in your business that you can truly see a significant reduction in your costs.

All Arborisk Clients have access to:

Safety Program Review and/or Creation

Pandemic and Disaster Planning


Free Attorney Consultations

Return to Work/Light Duty Program


Employee Handbook Review

Injury Management Process

Driving Record and Vehicle Usage Policies


Experience Modification Review


Insurance Coverage Review

For more personalized service,

Check Out our Thrive Risk Management Packages.

Our Thrive program provides one-on-one coaching with our team of industry experts. 

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