Speaking Engagements

Eric Petersen

After graduating with a Forestry Degree from UW -Stevens Point and working as an arborist for a parks department, Eric joined his family’s insurance agency and began helping tree care companies grow and protect their businesses. Seeing a need for a specialized approach, Eric and his team created the ArboRisk program. Eric is a past president of the Wisconsin Arborist Association (WAA) and a recipient of the WAA’s Richard Rideout Distinguished Service Award, as well as a member of ISA, TCIA and multiple ISA chapters.

Jim Skiera

Throughout his 40-year career in the green industry, Jim has held leadership positions as the owner of a landscape design build firm, City Arborist, Landscape Superintendent, and Executive Director of the International Society of Arborculture (ISA). Jim retired from ISA in 2017 and created Skiera and Associates, LLC, a business management consulting firm, including an engagement with ArboRisk Insurance as a member of the Thrive Business Consultant team.

Malcolm Jeffris, CTSP

Malcolm joined the ArboRisk team to help tree care owners lower the number of injuries and grow their business. He has since earned his CTSP designation and utilizes a hands-on approach with his clients, joining them in the field & at their businesses. He has been to numerous ISA chapter conferences throughout the nation & enjoys recreational climbing in the summer.

Peggy Drescher

Peggy has been involved in Arboriculture for 30 years and has held many leadership positions within ISA Chapters in addition to her continual involvement on ISA Chapter committees.  Her experience includes working as an Arborist, Municipal Forester, Regional Representative for TCIA and owns her own Consulting Company.  She is passionate about helping Tree Care Companies grow their business while focusing on safety and employee training programs.

Margaret Spencer

Margaret has been in the green industry for 19 years and has worked as a Landscape Manager, Urban Forester, Consultant, and as a Regional Representative for TCIA.  She owns her own training company to educate tree workers.  Margaret has served on numerous boards and committees, including the Executive Committee for ISA’s Council of Representatives.  She has a love for this industry and strives to promote safety, professionalism, and consumer awareness.


Hiring and Recruiting

Finding and hiring great people for your business is a challenge and must be met with a structured approach. Learn what the best practices for hiring and recruiting are and how you can implement them into your organization.

Lowering Insurance Rates

Uncover what insurance companies look at when setting insurance rates and how a tree care company can position themselves to receive the best possible premium. HINT: You’re in control of your own cost!

Content Marketing

Gain customers without having to sell to them! Gone are the days where consumers purchase a product or service based solely on the salesperson’s ability to convince them to buy. Today the vast majority of the sales process is done by the consumer before they even reach out to you. So how do you earn the trust of your future customers before they pick up the phone to call you? CONTENT MARKETING. This presentation will walk you through what Content Marketing is and how to implement a strategy in your business.

Work Comp

Furious about the high cost and frustration of Worker’s Compensation? Learn how to reduce the negative impact work comp has on your company by avoiding the 7 Deadly Sins of Work Comp. Attendees will learn how to use the established work comp system to their benefit and gain control of their costs while burying their frustrations. As a bonus, the audience will receive a simple process on how to be better prepared prior to an injury happening.

Social Media

This session presents five strategies to gain more business from social media including: real photos/stories, video, engagement with followers, collaboration with others, & online tools to find and curate content.

Sales Training

Learn the dynamics of a sales call and how to properly close a sale in this session. We’ll also cover how to expand your sales with the current customers you already have. This is a not-to-miss session for business owners, managers, sales people, PHC technicians, ground crews, or climbing arborists.

Past Speaking Enagagements:

  • February 2020 – Wisconsin Arborist Association – 7 Deadly Sins of Work Comp, Content Marketing for Arborists
  • January 2020 – Kansas Arborist Association – Hiring & Recruiting for Arborists, Lowering Your Insurance Cost
  • January 2020 – Indiana Arborist Association – 7 Deadly Sins of Work Comp
  • November 2019 – Illinois Annual Conference: Avoid the 7 Deadly Sins of Work Comp
  • November 2019 – TCIExpo: Avoid the 7 Deadly Sins of Work Comp
  • September 2019 – Rocky Mountain Annual Conference: How to Reduce the Risk of a Lawsuit by 1/3, Independent Contractors vs. Employees
  • September 2019 – Michigan Fall Conference: We Are ALL in Sales
  • February 2019 – Michigan Annual Conference: 5 Tips to Better Social Media, 7 Deadly Sins of Work Comp, Hiring & Recruiting for Arborists, Content Marketing for Arborists

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