3 Simple Social Media Metrics

You’ve done it. You’re there. You’ve created accounts for your business on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn and have begun cultivating relationships with your followers on each. You feel good – this is what all the experts talk about right? Create accounts, show up, engage with your followers, and you’ll get business from it.

But what happens when your engagement drops off? Or your page likes plateau and suddenly you are staring at the same amount of followers each week? What went wrong?

You are not alone. Many business owners make the mistake of assuming that simply have the social media channel will be good enough. However, the human attention span is fickle, and the demand to ensure content is always changing and dynamic is always there.

The good news is, there are ways to adjust and improve upon your social media accounts to ensure that this does not happen to you. Finding ways to measure your social media metrics will allow you to see what works, what doesn’t work, what completely missed the mark, and what is helping your social media presence grow and thrive.

Check out the measuring metrics below to get started enhancing your social media today!

Track Your Post Likes
On average, how many likes do you get on any given post? Regardless of what the number is, start paying attention to which posts receive more likes and which receive less. Craft your content calendar around which posts seem to do better and focus on those posts for the upcoming month. Your strategy should always include posts that you hope will perform well, too! The more diverse content you can utilize, the more you will be able to tell what your audience strongly reacts too and what falls flat for them.

In my experience, posts that contain employees or celebrate an accomplishment always perform better than technical tree care related posts. Be sure to throw in some humor too – no one wants to look at a feed that is only “This is us. This is us working. This is a service we offer.” When accounts become too robotic, people tend to lose interest.

Measure Your Engagement
Begin by observing what an average month of engagement is like on your account. Track how many comments you receive on each post. At the end of the month, compile your data and discuss what worked and what did not. For the next month, create your posts around the content that did work. Tweak the photos you use or the words you include to see if that makes a difference. And, most importantly, set a goal for your business for the month. Maybe you want to try to have at least one comment on each post; or maybe you want to get to 15 comments total for the month. Whatever it may be, focus your posts on this goal and work towards crafting engagement with your followers.

Review Your Follower Count
Start with your baseline of follower count and then set a goal for the upcoming month of how many more followers you’d like to attract. Brainstorm ideas that will attract more followers. Boosted posts or sponsored ads are a great place to start for attracting more likes. There are specific options you can use to target people specifically for page likes. Use your other social media accounts to attract followers to each of your accounts. If you have a great following on Instagram, but a so-so following on Facebook, post on Instagram letting people know that they can also follow you on Facebook. However, if you do this, make sure you give them a reason to follow you on both platforms – people want to see different content; if you are posting the same things on both, this tactic may not be successful because you are not giving them a reason to follow you on both platforms. Inviting your own friends, or asking an employee to invite their friends, has also proven successful for some businesses (although this is more of a quick fix than a long-term solution). At the end of the month, see which tactic worked best for your business and discuss duplication or changes you could make to enhance the strategy.

To grow your social media presence, it is very important to keep metrics in mind and measure them to gain a better understanding of what types of posts your audience is looking for. The more you take the time to observe what is happening on your account, the better you will understand what works and what does not. Ultimately, the more you pay attention to these measurements, the more your social media presence will thrive.

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Written by: Katie Petersen