3 Ways to Jump Start Your Marketing

With spring finally at our doorstep, I want to ask you; is your marketing ready for spring? The best tree services are already deep into their marketing planning for the upcoming growing season. If you haven’t given much thought to how you are going to make the phone ring this year, here are 3 ways to jump start your marketing.


Create Your Plan – No marketing happens without a plan and most plans are not perfect. So don’t get caught up in trying to make a masterpiece marketing plan, just get started by brainstorming with your team.

First focus on what service you want to provide the most of this year. What service is the most profitable for you? What service contains the least amount of headaches or hassles? Which service fulfills your mission as an organization and fits your company’s strengths the best?


Next, identify your ideal customer that fits your targeted service. Who are they? What do they value? Where do they live? What is the best way to communicate with them?


Lastly, craft an Early-bird deal for customers who sign up for your service in advance. You probably already do this with different discounts like winter pricing, senior citizen discounts and repeat customer credits, but by truly offering a lower rate for a short bit of time you will increase interest from new customers.


Social Media Blitz – After you have your plan formulated it’s time to support the efforts online.
Write a blog or two offering free information on the subject/service that you want to promote. In there, dispel any rumors about the service in a non-salesy way. You can offer pros and cons to educate your customer.

Post the blog on all of your social media channels and follow it up with links to similar articles on that same topic.

Edit your website to show the Early-bird deal right on the home page with an easy way for the customer to contact your team.


Customer Contact – Now that you have your online backing for your Early-bird deal set, it’s time to reach out to the public. Looking at your ideal client profile that you developed decide on how to get the word out.


Start by contacting your current customer base with the Early-bird offer. These are the customers that are the easiest sale because they already know you. You can do this a number of ways, from a flyer in the mail, to an email or even phone calls to the top 20% of customers.


Reach out to prospective customers that you have had some interaction with in the past, but for whatever reason they did not choose your services. This may be best through email or hand selected phone calls.

Finally, sending out a series of postcards to designated zip codes will help introduce your company and services to new potential customers. Work with a marketing firm to design a three part series that builds off each other to promote your professionalism, service and company’s brand.


By focusing on one special deal to start the season that fits your company’s strengths, you will intentionally gain more trust with your current clients and pick up new customers that fit your desired buyer profile and obviously lead you to greater revenue this year.

Written by: Eric Petersen