4 Tips to Starting a Tree Service

Looking to start a tree service, but don’t know where to start? ArboRisk has developed the basics of starting a tree service to help start and grow a tree service while developing a solid root system to help your tree service thrive! Many arborists are good at tree work, but struggle with business operations and running a business.

Follow these tips from ArboRisk Insurance to help start your tree service!

To start your tree service, begin to focus on the following four aspects:

Strategic Planning: Set up the ground work
Basic Account & Management: Numbers that drive your business
Marketing & Sales: Where are leads coming from and how many sales need to be made
People Operations and Management: Who is needed and how work is going to get done

You can hire vendors or learn how to do the work yourself, but the number one thing you need as business owner is strategic planning! Set the foundation of where you are going with your business. To do this, create a written business plan, executive summary or mission statement. Compose the details of your services, where your customers are located and who they are. Are there any local competitors? What are the projected income and expenses, and how are you going to get the work done. These are all important questions to address when starting your tree service.

Also, take a step back to asses your business and assess your personal strengths and weaknesses. Once you have assessed your business, assemble a board of directors. This does not have to be formal, but who decides who you need and who can help you effectively run your business. The 3 main people you will need to effectively run your business is an attorney, accountant, and insurance agent. Consider a business coach, like a family member or a mentor. Create team and timeline. Keep business plan handy and every 3-4 months see how far have you have come and where you still want to go. Always keep your eyes on the bigger picture.

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Written by: Eric Petersen