Where it All Began..

Back in 2003, I was working as an arborist for a park department when I made a simple cut with my hand saw. The branch fell and I heard a thud. It dropped right on my co-worker. I didn’t look. I didn’t warn him. I hurt him. And that is unacceptable!

From that moment I knew this industry deserved better. That’s why we formed ArboRisk around two basic principles:

1. To help every arborist get home safe each night and have a job waiting for them in the morning.
2. To help tree care companies grow and professionalize.

Eric Petersen

Our Story

The power of ArboRisk comes from the years of experience we have working with tree care companies to save lives, prevent injuries and accidents and protect from financial harm. Every one of our crew members spends time in the field to learn about tree care and the equipment you use. We use that field knowledge to help you uncover the roadblocks to growth and identify areas where you can improve upon to make sure everyone of your employees makes it home safe each night. We are your business partner who will create a custom Action Plan outlining how we will help your business reach new heights.

Our Risk Management Protection services first focus on getting the preventative programs and policies in place to prevent an injury or accident from occurring, whether you are a client of ours or not. We then provide a complete analysis of your current insurance coverage to ensure your business will be around after an unexpected event. It is only then that we even think about submitting your information to an insurance company for rates. This approach sets up your company for long term success by minimizing potential injuries and accidents and positions your business to receive the lowest possible insurance rates.

With our Thrive Growth services you will work with our team to overcome the challenges that are preventing your company from reaching its goals. Help with Hiring and Recruiting, Business Strategy, Marketing and Brand Building are cornerstones of Thrive. Because we are very selective of who we work with, you will receive the individualized attention and expertise that you deserve from a trusted business partner.

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