Insurance Coverage for Tree Care Companies

General Liability for Arborists:

General liability is the most common coverage purchased by arborists and tree care companies.  This type of policy will cover your business in another person was to be accidentally injured or damage was caused to other’s property. ArboRisk customizes liability insurance coverage for your tree care company so you are protected against the risk you face in day-to-day operations.

Based on the specific services your tree service offers, you may want to consider adding the following coverages:

Professional Liability: This covers cutting down the wrong tree, misdiagnosis or a pest problem/diseases, failing to inform property owners of a hazardous tree on their property, or making a poor cut that resulted in the tree failing.

Herbicide and Pesticide Applicators: coverage for plant health care operations.

Pollution Coverage: this is an on-site coverage for overturn of a spray rig.

Worker’s Compensation for Arborists:

At ArboRisk, we take great pride in providing superior insurance and risk management services for the tree care industry.  By working with our team, you can take control of your work comp cost and ultimately increase your profit margin.  Our team will guide you and your tree care company through 3 critical phases of worker’s compensation insurance:

  1. Preventing injuries: The safety of your employees comes first, and preventing injuries starts before an employee is hired on.  In the first phase of this program, the ArboRisk team helps businesses establish their company culture through the following: employees relations, hiring practices, zero-tolerance for injuries, and safety/compliance programs.
  2. Managing injuries: If an injury does occur, the way it is handled is what will determine the extent of the claim.  The ArboRisk team will help you take control of your worker’s compensation cost and increase your profit margin. This is done by guiding tree services through return to work/light duty program, claim coordinator program, supervisor training, and medical clinic relationship.
  3. Financing injuries: Verifying and analyzing information related to an injury assures that your expenses are correct.  ArboRisk’s worker’s compensation coverage includes: verify/analyze experience modification, manage premium credit, dividend/credit programs, & selection of insurance carrier.

Commercial Auto Insurance for Tree Care Companies:

All tree care companies have commercial auto insurance exposure.  Whether you use your personal truck or have a fleet of business vehicles, there are necessary coverages to protect your assets.  Large bucket trucks or chip trucks pose a greater risk of injury to others than a small vehicle.  This is important to keep in mind when it comes to selecting policy limits.  Having a comprehensive commercial auto policy is critical.

Other coverages to consider:

Broadened Auto Pollution: this covers when you are carrying herbicide/pesticide in spray tanks on your trucks.

Snow plow coverage:  For all year coverage and when seasons change

Rented vehicle coverage: when you rent vehicles for specific projects

Non-owned auto coverage: coverage when your employees drive your vehicles.


ArboRisk is an exclusive insurance and risk management provider for tree care companies across the US.  Developed by arborists, for arborists, ArboRisk is the nation’s leading provider of tree service insurance.


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